Real-time sales, inventory and diagnostic data
Data accessible on Dashboard and Mobile App

Increase Sales arrow

  • hand
    Generate Sales 32% higher When making cashless purchases,
    customers are less likely to consider price
  • machine
    Increase Machine sales up to 48% The option of cashless vending attracts the
    growing base of customers who do not
    like carrying cash

Decrease Costs arrow

  • money
    Cut costs up to 25% Our analytics engine helps streamline
    ordering and optimise working capital
  • tools
    Service up to 30% more Machines By greater insights and lower-down time,
    stock-outs are averted and refilling efficiency
    is improved
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    Sales Page

    The purpose of this page is to give you headline numbers, time series data and relative performance numbers. The data is visualised and the interactive elements have redirects to raw data. Multiple filters can be applied so that relevant data can be obtained with minimum clicks.

  • users
    Operations Page

    The operations page is designed to give updates about staff performance, machine status (diagnostic and sales) and efficiency metrics. Product sales are analysed to help optimise working capital and increase sales.

  • machine
    Machine Page

    This tabular page is organised to give granular information about every machine, including real-time sales and diagnostics

  • transaction
    Transactions Page

    A list of all the transactions, their value, source, contents and status. More data can be acquired by clicking on the tabs.


Access all your relevant machine
data on a Mobile App


Required for refilling.
Also helps track productivity
of ground staff.

  • cpu-icon

    Expansion ports for adding External hardware

  • cable-icon

    Plug and Play 30 Second installation

  • mdb-icon

    Universal MDB compatibiity

  • ota-icon

    OTA Updates for Hardware

  • bluetooth-icon

    Bluetooth connection with mobile devices

  • motion-sensor

    Temperature, Shock & Gyroscope Sensor

  • 4g-icon

    Bluetooth connection with mobile devices